Philippe Chow Apologize To Mavado But Deejay Says Kick Rocks

The owner of Philippe Chow restaurant in New York has coughed up an apology letter to Mavado and his family, but they deejay told them to kick rocks and heads to P.F. Chang’s instead.

Mavado dined at the famous restaurant last week Friday but later complained about bad service on Instagram. According to the dancehall star, the manager of the restaurant was very racist and told him not to come back.

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“Just went to Philippe chow restaurant and this manager are who ever he wants to be been very disrespectful after I just spend a couple hundreds in side me my friend and family how could you have someone running a business and being prejudice and trying to tell customers not to come back just because he didn’t know who I am but now he knows ahahahahahaha this world we live in today,” Mavado wrote on Instagram.

Philippe Chow management posted an apology on Facebook on Wednesday night while explaining their side of the story.

“Philippe Restaurant and its staff want to apologize from the bottom of our hearts regarding the service Mavado says he received at our restaurant recently. We heard he and his family believe they were not treated fairly and if we fell short, we are very sorry,” the letter reads.

“Philippe Restaurant is proud to have an excellent relationship with all our customers, especially the black community and people of color. In fact, on a weekly basis we have famous and non-famous black people and people of color dining with us whom really love our food and dining experience at our restaurant. Don’t just listen to us, visit our instagram and see for yourself.”

“Mavado and his family were initially seated in a section not as comfortable for their sleeping child. We discussed this with them and after they approved, we moved them to another section of the restaurant, which is also very popular, where we usually seat parties, as well as families, to give his wife and sleeping child more room to spread out. We were happy to make them more comfortable.”

“Mavado also told a manager he needed to make some phone calls. We thought he meant he needed additional privacy and we told him he could make calls upstairs or outside, but by no means did we mean he could not talk on his phone inside. If he thought so, we are sorry and send our heartfelt apology because, as he saw and experienced with other late night visits to our restaurant, Philippe is wired with wi-fi and good phone reception for all guests.”

“Mavado – we know you came to Philippe last week with your family because you love our restaurant and had several excellent experiences with us in the past, especially late night. We know you feel our service was not excellent last week. One of our owners called you last week seeking to talk to you directly about it, but his phone call was never returned by you. We are truly very sorry and apologize from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you will give us the chance to make it up to you by visiting us again soon for dinner, on us. We have families too and will be sure to treat you like family.”

Mavado says he won’t accept their apology because it’s all lies because he was treated poorly by the waitress and when he complained to the manager who told him not to come back.