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T Pain Ft. Young Cash & Sean Jay – Trust Issues [New Music]

T-Pain says one day ni**a’s gone learn not to f**k with me. The Iron Way Mixtape artist drop new track entitled “Trust Issues,” featuring Young Cash & Sean Jay.

Better duck ni**a, unless you got a bulletproof truck ni**a
Cause you the only one throwing money in the club
You the only one that’s gone be stuck ni**a
Your ass out of luck ni**a, tryna stunt but you’re stunting too much ni**a
And my face just way too pretty
So I ain’t tryna punch ni**a’s
What’s up ni**a?
Everything cool right now but it could go left
So I don’t trust ni**a’s, no ni**a’s, I don’t even trust myself
It get deeper, mama said y’all ni**a’s don’t give a f**k till the crew hot
And I believe her
One of these days you ni**a’s gonna try to take me out like 2Pac

T-Pain Ft. Young Cash & Sean Jay – Trust Issues Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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