Wale – The Pessimist ft. J. Cole Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Wale)
A ni**a feeling hopeless
Who am I to change perception?
If a ni**a kill a ni**a he’s another statistic
If his skin’s a little different they gon say it was self defense
Ni**a feeling hopeless
Staring at the idiot box, riddle me this
If a killer was a ni**a would ni**a’s still really care
Cause ni**a’s worser than Zimmerman living life everywhere
Ni**a’s hopeless
Small ni**a’s with big tools
Couldn’t get to Harvard, hard work, he hard whipped
Cause them hardy hah’s are hard nights
Are hard to live through when you’re hopeless
What we gotta do to be winning?
Cause all the schools getting closed
Dribble a little, coach, shooting at a foe
Cause they charging in the hoop, no community center
My ni**a, hopeless
25 bands, he was shooting out of damn giving
Cousin threw a couple grand at some dancers
Throwing back their fat ass, is my glasses confused?
We’re the hopeless
America’s dream and nightmare in the same being
Even when being polite here
Ni**a’s try to bring me down, the life of a pioneer
Lightyears worth of hopeless
Celebrities celebrating disgust me
The cerebellum invaded with all these fresh things on
Watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as we speak
Ni**a we hopeless
Okay the Steebie show is on
They said my broad rolling weed, now she’s mad at me
Cuz she seen a scene with Rasheeda baby father
So you think it’s all hopeless

(Chorus – J Cole)
Got a pocket full of lint again, but it makes no difference to me
Falling out with my friends again, but it makes no difference to me
Goddamn I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless
Oh man I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless
Got no gas in my tank again, but it makes no difference to me
Overdraft at the bank again, but it makes no difference to me
Goddamn I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless
Lord knows I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless
But still I pray

(Verse 2 – Wale)
Ni**a feeling hopeless
Like a penny with a hole in it
We as empty as a cortisone of a widow
From a soul that she don’t know when he’s coming home
He don’t got no limit, hopeless
What’s a purple heart to a hurt head?
He done done 12 years, he was told 6
Prolly go back in a minute, ain’t sh** here
Ni**a so hopeless
Thoughts are ravaging in the whole crib
Now he post-traumatic and always only on the edge
On the pills, some bills, some kids who won’t love
Ni**a so hopeless
A lot of black cops always clap back
There’s some foul white cops always on deck
Playing race card, guarantee you’ll make a blackjack
Ni**a so hopeless
Cause we ain’t posed to ever have s**t
And we ain’t vocal as rap
Ni**a’s cause we don’t mope unless we try
Ni**a hopeless
Look at what I go through to show you
Ni**a’s respect money and money respect power
And power, we never giving em less
A ni**a catch, shoot and dribble, we the hopeless
Nah you ain’t out here for the culture
You finna riot without a purpose
You ain’t a mothaf**king rider, you a f**king token, posing
Ni**a hopeless
Of course not literal
But why complain about the man
When a ni**a with my skin
The same problems with them I had
Is out there killing ni**a’s too?
Eat your food, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)