Jah Vinci – My Other Half Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi girl call mi tell mi seh
Her daddy flexing the way
During the night wi a textin the way
Tell her lock off mi song nuh listen no Jah Vinci
Cause he’ll get in your way
Him want shi study all night
And work and no play
But she’s saying no way

Whole heap a respect
You a the real big man
But what him don’t really understand

She’s my motivation
And I am her inspiration
If you tear wi apart
That a mash up mi heart
You a my without mi other half
And our love is God’s perfect creation

(Verse 2)
Girl a just the first time wi kill
I could tell your the one for me
And the first time wi walk hand in hand
Yea mi feel it in a mi heart girl

And anytime you gone
You nuh care
Yea a you mi really want girl
MI love you more and every other day
All when your formally
Don’t seem to see our way

(Repeat Chorus 2X)