Ludacris – Beast Mode Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Uh, if rappers want it, they can get it
Flow tighter than four fat bi**hes sitting in a Civic
My flows are unimaginable, Hannibal Lecter sh**
Eatin emcees for breakfast, bi**h
Since I was born to touch the mic
The first time it’s been a problem
Your life was a mistake
Your pops should’ve wore a condom
You ni**a’s think you hard
I think you better come harder
I leave rappers confused like will I Am barber
Ah, f**king with Luda’s not a great look
A verse’ll make your fans unfriend you on Facebook
Click, my styles are going into labor
So if stars won a war I’m their daddy like Darth Vader
And since I’m always high, it’s kind of hard to overlook me
For over a hundred stacks, it’s kind of hard to overbook me
And a whole nother house for my cars is on my checklist
Cause to fit em in one garage is like a ni**a playing Tetris
But they say patience is a virtue
Cause I got your bi**h staying out way past her curfew
Guess I was a thief that got away with these words
Slanging chickens out my whip like I been playing Angry Birds
In a black Rolls Royce, Dark Knight like Batman
Everywhere you turn, the Ghost follows like Pac-Man
And I sleep with the John Dillinger
And always keep an eye half open like Forest Whitaker
No, you boys ain’t ready for combat
Be more worried if I renew my Def Jam contract
What path is he on? Opponents, I laugh and be gone
They handing in the towels like they work in Bed, Bath & Beyond

But in the midst of all the melee
Y’all ni**a’s just b***hes with d**ks like Sheneneh
Your rap styles are phony, your lines are just dead
And I be on them lines like a ni**a just played
Guess I’m trying to say I’m advanced, you intermediate
You wouldn’t know the real me if your bi**h Wikipedia’d it
Just know that I never tried to be hard
Probably cause Mr. Glock 40’s my security guard
You’ll get chopped like Judo
Gangs in my hood make you reverse
And change your color like the block’s playing Uno
And, yes, some of my friends is still selling them drugs
But I just say they Weight Watchers like Jennifer Hud
They show me love
That’s why I’ll always stay repping until the death of me
Rappers talk s**t, but ain’t nobody ever stepped to me
I hereby command all my fans’ to inject it
Overdose on Red Bull in your veins if you ever slept on me
Yeah, my mind is sharper than a guillotine
All the nines extended from the knuckles of Wolverine
Not a X-Man, but, man, I got that X
I’m on my hardest, switch labels, but I still get a cheque
The more albums they sell, the more we all win
And I can be seen in thirty rocks like Alec Baldwin
Or watching CBS in a Cadillac DTS
I plan to reach the world, man, your plan is Metro P.C.S
I changed my music up cause I was getting bored
You may not like the way I shoot, but my points go on the board
My name still engrained and these books will be the outcome
And this one verse is harder than a lot of ni**a’s albums