Dexta Daps – Slavery Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Baby, know how long mi a look fi you
Come save me, and I’ve being missing you too like crazy!
Gyal just come back and meck mi heart stop hurt
Wonder if you know seh mi nuh f**k nothing since lately
Mi crush the road wid cool and buck up in a Tracy
Mi naw go lie shi think a But that never face mi
Mi friend dem laugh and seh mi pu**y whip
Yo pu**y whip mi like slavery

Baby, am o miss your f**k
Am o miss your f**k

(Verse 2)
Baby, mi know you hear mi have a bag a gyal a trace mi
You nuh haffi fret dem more likely fi be the matie
Last night mi ask you fi a pu**y pic
You text mi back how mi suh facey
Baby hear mi clearly, mi miss your f**k sincerely
Mi cyaa remember the last you quint it paw mi baby
Link up fi mi baby

(Repeat Chorus)

Believe me girl, I miss your f**k
And I cant wait to see you cry
Tears of joy, shi seh shi a nympho

(Repeat Verse 1)

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  1. Thank you! I love mi sum Dappa Don!