Future – March Madness Lyrics

Dress it up and make it real fo me
Whateva that f**king means

There is sum left in style fo me
Spend a day with a mad dawg
Dress it up and go to Nassau
200 miles on the dash
Gotta roll a pound of kardashian
Put yo names in the painted bad bit
Me the one who kept it cool with all these ni**a’s
Till these ni**a’s started acting
Truest ni**a how I feel
I met em otha ni**a’s, gotta name em average
We balling like a March Madness
All these cops shoot a ni**a tragic
Only one the ni**a lavish
I go playing fo the Mavericks
I don’t wanna f**k the bi**h
The molly made me f**k er even tho she average

(Verse 1)
Dirty money in the cup
45 by my gut, rich young ni**a in the cut
Take you out fo some joints
Let’s count this money, no rush
I’m on a one way, flushing
Loud pack smelling musty
These f**king police can’t touch me
These bogus ni**a’s can’t touch me
Bought a special with the VVS
I drive the foreign like it was a Chevy
I drive the foreign like it was a Chevy
Lift it up and go to North City
F**k a cooger like she Halle Berry
Bi**h, yo hands is dirty, sprite legendary

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
F**k all these basic bi**hes
We go way far to smoke on some blunted f**ks
She gon keep it so real with a ni**a that
But come back and always gon f**k with her
Winter coat with the spur like I’m on the buff
I was working and serving Antarctica
I get high till I’m wired in Mercury
F**k around teach you that recipe
F**k around, you gon be outta here
Make this s**t hum like a ni**a with jewelry
Soon as they work it, the city we move it
and shoot us in movies
and shoot us in movies
Take ya to the southern club
And just cuz a ni**a iller gotta use it
Get a payment, gotta pour it up, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. First 2 lines are
    “Dirty soda in the styrofoam
    spend a day to get my mind blown”

  2. wrong lyrics