RDX – Party Life Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Every sound system a my radio
And every liquor a mi tea
Behind every club bar a mi fridge
Check the big lounge cause deh so weh mi live
Every man in a the place a mi linky
Every gyal up in a this is a target
Wi a party hard, truck off the hardship
The party God call mi your lordship

Wi live fi party
And wi never seh over caw wi no carry walkie talkie
A party in a wi soul wi no sell it to the Illuminati
Wi a spend freely you would a check seh wi win the lottery
Mi charge like a battery

Wi loving this party life
Man and girl a couple up meck this party nice
Volume buck da spot yah so turn up
Pool party, water party
Pool party, after party
Beach party, water party
Club party, after party

(Verse 2)
Every gyal sow a mi red carpet
Fi mi air freshener name cush
And mi chop up mi bed caw mi done wi sleep
Music a the drugs weh mi push
And mi have a club light paw mi night stand
Wid a watch paw mi left and mi right hand
Smoke till wi lungs black like a oil pan
And when it slap weh two years off a wi life span

(Repeat Chorus)