Nesbeth – Conquera Lyrics

Check yo self
Before yo wreck yo self
Nuh meck mi correct you
Correct yo self

Who mi buck and duppy conquera
Inna yo dreams
Oily selassie high a conquera
Head of the streems

(Verse 1)
Hey, watch the talk weh yo bring come
To the king son
Talk bout she you run Kingston
True yo waan sell yo brother fi an income
Practice badness without wisdom
Mi nuh fear no guy, no guy, melt like butter if you touch I
Cyaa come near I fi rob I, or stab I

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
This a nuh threat this a warning
If you nuh change by a morning
The dutty work yo performing
Fi the youth dem weh you left bwaling
You a go get burn up, burn up, burn up
Real, real, burn up
A nuh Marco or Wallibee burn up
Yo judgement a go tunr up
Cause selassie high only deal wid justice
And if you diss rastafari
Equal rice and nuh fish
Watch yo talk, know yo self

(Repeat Chorus)