Konshens – Original Daddy Lyrics

That’s why mi haffi big up mi self cause mi a real father
Never left mi son and nuh neglect mi daughter
Take care a mi responsibility
Never neglect my pickney

You fi big up the man cause him a real father
Never left him son and nuh neglect him daughter
Take care a the responsibility
Never neglect dem pickney

(Verse 1)
When yo turn a daddy a the greatest joy
No matter if it is a girl or a bwoy
You haffi tek hi serious a nuh, nuh, toy
You haffi tough it up, although the dutty rough
Nuff man out a road wi si a drive in a range
If dem pickney get a plate a food that strange
Mi naw tell no lie
Mi feel like mi a go dead anytime mi daughter cry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh know weh some man come from
God know mi nuh understand
How dem live in a mansion
And dem pickney live in a dump land
Mommy seh shi nuh see him
Him a seh a nuh fi him
Him seh a nuh fi him
Dawg look how yo son favor you
Look pon the likkle girl
Treat you baby mother like shi deserve the world
Big up all the real mothers out there
And every daddy fi a sing it out there

(Repeat Chorus)

Even though I cant be there everyday
My presence felt anyway
Mi haffi touch the road
Food haffi eat, and bills haffi pay
But I never turn my back
Mi never close my eyes
Never fi get, never regret

(Repeat Chorus 2X)