Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio First Solid Proof That They Are Together

Rumors of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio relationship have been making the rounds for the last month and a half but this is the first solid photo evidence of the two together and they are looking pretty cozy.

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Perhaps Rihanna and the 40-year-old actor has finally decided to go public with their relationship. The photo was taken at Rihanna’s 27th birthday party in Los Angeles last month.

Sources told TMZ that Rihanna was the clingy one who was following DiCaprio all over the party that he organized.

There were a ton of celebrity their including music power couple Beyonce and Jay Z.

Other sources told Urban Islandz that the couple showed a lot of PDA at the party and also shared a blunt together.

#Rihanna and #LeonardoDiCaprio photo together for the first time.

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