Vybz Kartel – Key Stone Lyrics

(Pre Chorus)
Full a gyal like penpal
Hang up nuh baby
Mi deh pon a next call
So tomorrow man tired you nuh hear that

Verse 1)
Naw dis you baby mi wouldn’t play that
Pitty shi nuh know when shi deh pon the phone
Stacy deh pon mi c**key, mi deh feel up Simone
Kim send a plz call me pon a cheep phone
Tashagay send a BB seh shi reach home

Gyal in a Loriston
Gyal a key stone
Today Name Sunday suh mi gi you the teabone

(Verse 2)
Wi never friend fish, hold a sea stone
Wa da bwoy deh a do? Wa meck a man a gi him cone

Mi full up a woman like mi name freezone
Some a dem brand new, some a dem a pree own

Come in nuh babes hurry up lock the door nuh
Member seh steff out deh suh shi a pree wi
Tell her seh you coon come you a go weewi
Pity shi nuh know when you lock the door
And lock off the light and set up the hole
And grab up yo breast set good meck mi score
Pum, pum, have the piercing, punanny bore
Gyal in a Morant Bay, gyal a Portmore
Fly pon the c**key meck yo get yo hole bore
Slam mi a slam like twenty four door
Suh mi name haffi write down in a yo fortlore

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)