Vysol Ft Vybz Kartel – Yes No Lyrics

Sweet bitter lips
So soft, so hard
Why you doing this?
I love you, I hate you

God is watching
While I cry laughing
Laugh crying
You say, I say, and I say yes, no

Hold me, let me go
Am so confuse
One minute I hate you
Next minute I just waan wine paw you, wine paw you
Wine paw you, wine paw you
Wine paw you, wine paw you
Wine paw you, wine paw you

(Verse 1)
Don’t play around, am not that brawl
You laughed, you cheated
Even though I was faithful

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Buss a wine up
Shake yo behind
Anywhere you go yo body meck man a form line
Front a the pants rise fi the sunshine
I naw meck you pass mi, haffi keep trying
Yo batty big and I love the design
Come brace pon the teacher yo haffi feel fine
Play mi a press, wa yo do press rewind?
Ride the riddim, wa yo do bruk yo spine?
And kotch, jump pon mi like you nake hop scotch
Turn round suh when you head back shot
Look down suh and seh babes that hot
Wi a pop down settee, pree app watnat
Yoyo style go down come up back
Tongue ring yo have yo tongue lock
CD patton dress become pack
Yo waan da love yah subtract

(Repeat Chorus)