K CAMP – My Ni**’as feat Lil Boosie Lyrics

Them ni**a’s ain’t with my ni**a’s….no way
I’mma go to war with my ni**a’s…okay
If it goes down , I’mma ride witcha….you straight?
I got love for all my b***hes

(Verse 1)
Look , yeen from the north
Me,Bo,Jane , cam smoking blunts on the porch
Use to call on my ni**a’s for support
Yeen with the sh** now then ya ass fell short
Knowing damn while I suppose to be in court
2 years no L’s in a Infinity sport
Smoking big blunts when I’m s’pose to report
Ducking my P.O taking trips to New York
Aye, dem ni**as ain’t with my ni**a’s
Always gon ride for my ni**a’s
And if a f**k ni**a wanna play around
I’m bucking outside with my ni**a’s
Ain’t nun outside but my ni**a’s
Northside , ride or die with us
Long as my ni**as just stay down
I’mma go get the money witcha

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
They don’t live like my ni**a
I’ll kill like my ni**a
Ride or die like my ni**a
Homicide like my ni**a
I ride for you , you ride for me
You drank the brew, I like the weed
If you see ah ni**a talking to the police….s**t
Ni**a’s ain’t with my ni**a’s
They can’t be
My ni**a’s never folding in
My ni**a then , my closest kin
Lost both of my close friends
Man, what is you saying
S**t hits the fan
My click ah peel
Feel good to popping bottles
Feels better being real
Aye man , say man
What the business is
We real , y’all fake
Get out the V.I.P
Y’all leeches , y’all snakes
You can tell how I talk, dey ain’t with me
They don’t shine bright
Look funny and dey pants too damn tight

(Repeat Chorus 2X)