Iyara – Nah Hype Lyrics

When you si ghetto youth a drink and a smoke
And a full joy wi life
Nuh bother seh wi boasty
Nuh tell wi seh wi hype
Happy wi happy fi weh wi reach in a life
Happy wi happy fi weh wi reach

If yo hear mi talk bout the house, and the cars, and the bike
Nuh bother seh mi boasty
Nuh tell mi seh mi hype
Happy mi happy fi weh mi reach in a life
Happy mi happy fi weh mi reach

(Verse 1)
Time a the master, nu ask fa, nuh look up pon the clock
Time a the season put the flavor in a the pot
Winter times cold and the summer times hot
Time to plant the seed, another time to reap the crap
My time now and am go live it to the fullest
If mi die fi build mi self yo naw go hear mi seh mi regret
My time fi fulfilled the dreams
Mi nuh forget a fi set it fi mi sun, mi likkle daughter

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Better wid the present but mi still remember in a the past
Work is a rough it wasn’t an easy task
SUh now yo si the hennessy a pore in a mi glass
A true mi never throw away the stick before mi cross
But the river get rough at times
Still decide mi haffi cross, yes mi haffi go at mine
Put in mi heart and mi soul and take a resting time
And medz in life

(Repeat Chorus 2X)