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Aidonia (1Voice) – 90’s Gangsta Town [New Music]

Head of J.O.P recording artist Aidonia drop a new single entitled “90’s Gangsta Town,” off the Brawd Board Riddim, produced by Ancient Records.

Man a murderer, tell dem seh nuh f**k round the gangster town
War thing nuh sweet like damn colon
Dem come in a mi place come fire wild shot
Suh the don seh fi murder dem and nuh care hi nuh
Matic plug in, 45 change gear hi nuh
Time bal through eye ball it fly through there hi nuh
Time fi deh pretend dem face cyaa repair hi nuh
Gunshot fi bomboclaat bwoy weh cyaa hear hi nuh
Grandspen rifle dem buss like nuclear hi nuh

People know seh Forth Generation man deh haffi fear hi nuh
Long gun mi walk wid when mi touch in a the square hi nuh
People get scared hi nuh, and start disappear hi nuh
Caw dem know mi nuh waste shot, mi nuh buss my gun in a the air hi nuh

Aidonia (1Voice) – 90’s Gangsta Town Lyrics

Listen track below.

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  1. it mad a way didi! too rawtid