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Lil Wayne – Used To ft. Drake (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) [New Music]

The two Young Money rappers team up on one of the tracks off Lil Wayne’s (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) mix tape. The track featuring Lil Wayne & Drake entitled “Used To.”

Yea, when you get to where I’m at
You gotta remind em’ where the f**k you at
Every time they thinkin’ it’s behind your back
Gotta learn to line ‘em up and then attack
They gone say your name on them airwaves
They gone hit you up after like it’s only rap
Jewels look like I found a motherf**kin’ treasure map
And ain’t told no one where the f–k it’s at
Shout out to the G’s from the end
We don’t love no girls from the ends
I’m gone hit ‘em with the wham once again
I’mma always end up as a man at the end dog

Lil Wayne – Used To ft. Drake Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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