Lil Wayne – Used To Ft. Drake Lyrics

(Drake-Verse 1)
Yea, when you get to where I’m at
You gotta remind em’ where the f**k you at
Every time they thinkin’ it’s behind your back
Gotta learn to line ’em up and then attack
They gone say your name on them airwaves
They gone hit you up after like it’s only rap
Jewels look like I found a motherf**kin’ treasure map
And ain’t told no one where the f–k it’s at
Shout out to the G’s from the end
We don’t love no girls from the ends
I’m gone hit ’em with the wham once again
I’mma always end up as a man at the end dog

It’s just apparent every year
Only see the truth when am staring in the mirror
Lookin’ at my self like there it is there
Yea, like there it is there man, whoop
I ain’t tryna chance it
I be with the bands like a ni**a went to Jackson State or gambling
Young Nick Cannon with the snare drum, dancin’
Watch the way I handle it
Bring it to the bedroom, you know that s**t is candle lit
She knows I’m the man with it, uh
With the bands like I must’ve went to Clark, went to Hampton
I ain’t playin’ with it

I ain’t felt the pressure in a little while
It’s gonna take some getting used to
Floatin’ all through the city with the windows down
Puttin’ on like I use to
They never told me when you get the crown
It’s gonna take some getting used to
New friends all in their old feeling now
They don’t love you like they used to man

(Verse 2-Lil Wayne)
When you get to where the f–k I’m at
You gotta remind ’em about where you been
About all of the money that done came and went
About the two cents I ain’t never spent
When they say your too famous to pack a gat
I gotta remind ’em about where I’m from
Not about where I’m going, about where I’ve gone
Steppin’ on the squish a roach like a steppin’ stone
Goin’ at a ni**a throat like a herringbone
Boy do I smell beef? Mmmm pheromones
Got a f**kin’ halo over my devil horns
Trap pumpin’ all night like Chevron
S**k a ni**a d**k from a iphone 6

F**k my ni**a Terry for a new blackberry
You can buried for an ounce of Katy Perry
I was only five but still remember the drought in ’87
Lord tell ’em bi**hes I ain’t got no time to play games with ’em
I ain’t got no time
Tell her that I love her and hate her in the same sentence
I’m f**kin’ her mind
I got, mind control over Deebo
Permesan my panino
Promethazine over pinot
And when my blood start shootin’ that’s B-roll b***h

(Repeat Chorus)