Bugle – Intercourse Lyrics

Mi know weh shi waan
Mi a tell you seh mi know weh shi waan
Shi want a rasta, nuh waan nuh impostor
Shi waan the real veggie stew
Nuh waan nuh lobster

Yea, yea, mi know wa shi waan
Mi a tell you seh mi know wa shi waan
Shi want a roots man, shi nuh waan nuh loose man
Beat root and carrot not a bad juice man

(Verse 1)
Yea true mi humble shi like mi
Shi seh mi nuh talk nuff suh shi like mi
Shi tell mi seh mi nuh hype suh shi like mi
One day shi wanna be mi wifey
A she fi a sit down beside mi in a the
Mi love the vibes weh wi a feel fi one another
A me a her, but a shi a her treasure
Nuff gyal a pree, but a she deh a head a dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Shi si mi, sh seh bless
Mi seh hi empress
Shi seh shi addicted to me like ses
And a me alone meck shi waan have sex
Suh in a my life shi naw be nuh ex
Cause shi told me shi wanna roll wid the tugs
Shi told mi shi want some hardcore love
Shi told mi shi want a youth from the street
Cause shi love how the street youth dweet
Shi tell mi shi waan go road go rade
Want a youth wid lox and beard
Meck shi wet like when rain a fall
When nature call

(Repeat Chorus 2X)