Busy Signal Diss Vybz Kartel In New Video “What If”

Busy Signal has a new video for his single “What If” that is garnering a lot of attention.

In the Turf Music-produced single, Busy Signal took a few shots at Vybz Kartel, Alkaline and a few other controversial artists.

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The video was directed by Dameon Gayle and Benjamin Lindsky. The clip starts out with Busy Signal sitting on a fire hydrant wearing full black. Konshens also made a cameo in the video.

“What if mi did bleach fi turn brown because mi black / what if me tattoo me eye, face, hand and back / What if mi was the type of person fi murder mi friend because him borrow mi strap and never bring it back,” Busy Signal deejay.

Vybz Kartel was convicted of murdering his friend Clive “Lizard” Williams over two missing guns.

Vybz Kartel fans are sounding off on Busy Signal on social media.

Watch the video below.


  1. Leave wold boss alone..and make him do is time

  2. If wold boss was on the road busy would a talk them way tha

  3. busy signal u can’t do what the world boss do it matter you do something different

  4. A what do busy signal now how him fi diss the world boss and him know that a the world boss make the business so good

  5. him a look a hype

  6. a what do the boy busy signal a diss of the world boss a boy watch what u doing

  7. I guess he needs some fame. Lol

  8. Jamaicans in Jamaica need to wake up! Stop allowing people who aren’t Caribbean and in developed countries mind you, the freedom to fetishize your culture. As a matter of fact, to the people who purport to care about Jamaicans living in the ghetto…. Why aren’t you there with them?

    • Lol,the objective is to help them out,not to join em-who wants to live in the ghetto? supporting their music and investing in their independent projects is one of the ways- one hand washes the other. It is carribean and jamaican politicians who ban and try to destroy the ghetto youths culture in jamaica more than anyone- diaspora in delevoped world is still jamaican/ carribean, Lot of the ghetto kids wouldnt have way out if it wasnt for visas n travel that allows em work.-they depend on it. Theyre not in a ghetto cuz of jamaican system,not the world who support em.

      • You don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. You’re suggesting that they do this never-ending dance where they sit tight and wait to be rescued by their JA artist….really? Then you go on to suggest that by providing ghetto youths the opportunity to travel to developed countries to do what? Your solution to the problem is an even bigger problem! So these Jamaican artist moonlight as politicians…really?

        Eg: You take a Columbian from the Colombian ghetto and you send them to a place like America with nothing more than a pipe dream. What do you think is likely to happen? Your and your juvenile antics are one big distraction! Never once have you said anything different other than the same old bs! You don’t give two shyts about Jamaicans other than dyckriding their culture!

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        “wtf do colombians have to do with dancehall culture.”
        I take it you don’t know that eg is the Latin version of example,I should’ve included Mexicans in my example so you’d have an inkling as to what I was driving at. Do you have any bright ideas on how to go about
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      • i am one of em, and from experience i can honestly tell you their perception is not my problem :)

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      • clearly, you have a problem reading, ur emotions are blinding you. suge knights’ ‘ni99er behaviour’?? thats your opinion;he is not a ‘ni99er’ to me, i ‘blasted’ people who assume and run with what they DONT know bout the case, wishing him death and prison.u mad at that logic? interesting.
        im sure you wish for jamaicans, haitians to get out of corrupt countries,it was the point of me bringing up the diaspora to help em do so. yes?ones u claim have no ‘right’ to do so unless they join em in a slums.
        as far as cubans, all they have to do is touch soil to become citizen, you shouldnt stress bout em too tuff yaknow. they are quick to look down on you, in case u never been to miami…
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        ur issue, not mine.

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  9. I guess he needs some fame.

  10. U all got it rong, its a question, busy is asking wat if???? So b4 u guys start to throw da artist under da bus analyze wat hes sayin..there’s no dissing r badmind,, jus a question

  11. well busy gwan like him better him a run down cock in video

  12. F this f-et

  13. Listen signal you don loose connection long time ..You are irrelevant
    I am Ghana and kartel rules everywhere in the Ghetto

  14. from day one busy a p****..take a look ever since kartel gone prison every other artists interview saying they wish worldboss the best and they dont feel good he gone jail..is busy the only artist who never say nothing positive or say he wish the man the best..busy glad kartel gone a kartel and isn’t hiding from day one

    • So he didn’t wish Kartel well-wishes big fn deal. You must share the same brain as these other artist to be able to tell that they were being genuine.

  15. It’s wrong cuz no one knows if Kartel is guilty for sure 100% no concrete evidence so its just a low blow

  16. How is that a dis? Big up yo self busy. But yuh cyan badder than Addi.

  17. Dancehall music is about lyrics and Busy have enough ah dem. I don’t see anything wrong with what his singing about, in fact his lyrics are relevant with the times

  18. Soy Ella Cada Deseo

    good tune yuth ppl fi stop chat fukry bout diss man… d man no dis nobdy a jus lyrics n it connect

    • dungs like uh weh him ago get confuse- kartel file appeal weh ya deh ya ah use terms like dis – ah yuh sound like kartel murder di man weh mi and yuh nuh there fi prove it – so why not use something different instead of di murdering case – yuh nuh wan fi si di man ah do road

      • Do you truly believe a judge would use the contents this or any other similar songs to determine Kartel’s faith? Here you are calling people dunce, when it is you are seemingly a dunce–relative to the adjudication process, you know noting about jurisprudence.

        People like you need to reconcile with reality and embrace the notion that Kartel is not a victim. His current station in life is a direct function of his actions. Stop celebrating society’s mis-fits like Kartel and calibrate your moral compass–if you have one.

      • Guess you missed his entire trial lmao

      • LOL, I am sure you watched the entire trial–naturally, you don’t have anything better to do…

      • At least I know what the deal is when I speak

      • You lost foreal llol

      • Lost, were we competing or something? I am befuddled by the very notion; I suggest that you go and get a life…

      • I suggest you fix yours n dont worry bout next man

  19. urban island. why you gotta see the thing so negatively? are you saying the only case you’ve heard about a friend killing a friend for not returning their gun is the kartel case? really? guess he’s taking swipes at ninja man for saying what if he never smoke coke and smoke crack, right? you people just know how to manipulate some shallow minded people. give the song credit. I bet if no one had seen this post and heard the song, it would’ve been a good song but that simple little seed you planted in their mind (busy dissed kartel) look at the comments. smfh

  20. That song is a hit . Bad ????????????????

  21. Lyricist #1 Vybz Kartel #2 Busy Signal……Busy is another one of the baddest of all time. However he shouldn’t of diss kartel so…..especially since he went through something similar get locked up and then dep back to JA. Busy should know how the tings go so that not necessary on a man still locked, working on appeal, and not able to defend himself thru lyrics even if its the truth. I bet he would say it to Alkaline face but doubt he would to Kartel. Even if him diss Kartel that would not be the right lyrics to do it….sound too band wagon badmind…..still rate Busy tho

  22. Karel tell we already “and if u run down ur
    shawdow now u will never catch it”

  23. It nice but anno kartel him dis a alkaline, him seh bleach den tattoo eye, its not kartel its alkaline him a talk bout.

    • Member affi gwaan back ah read di lyrics , ah who him refer to when him seh

      What if mi was the type of person fi murder mi friend because him borrow mi strap and never bring it back

      Mi respek busy signal suh much buh mi nuh see any reason fi him diss kartel , weh dat fah ? Di man affi nuh kartel stil addi baddest General inna di tin de seen.

      Mampi track buh him sound like him nuh wan fi si kartel outer road


    • What about borrowing him strap and nuh bring it back a who dat him a talk bout??

  24. when i first saw this vid, i wasn’t happy about the “friend & strap” line, but busy is a big & long time artist and him did deh round when kartel was still rising so him have all right fi seh weh him feel. talented artist and a dancehall music mi seh, It nuh mek no sense fi mek di line badda yuh. kartel still a di baddest and dat nah change no matta who diss him dwl. its all entertainment tho, just fulljoy the music and dont get so emotionally invested, its not that serious. Respect busy and every longtime artist, when dem diss dem one anodda just know seh a music, leff it to dem. Worldboss a di wickedest and dem still cyah keep up lol. #Gaza #DehsoDiTingDeh.

  25. HMMMMM jealous ones still envy.

  26. dis vybz cause u know him cannot record a response in prison= sh**y signal

  27. Cover artist. How dare you diss di worl’boss

    • Hypocrite – nun couda diss di worl boss real badmind from Busy

      • Badmind? Kartel is in prison and Busy deh a road a sing positive music. I think you it all wrong. A so it go still, the truth will hurt at times…

      • Yep iyah badmind- him always use a subliminal terms fi diss di worl boss cah him fraid ah youth trust mi- him ah badmind kartel from day 1 buh dun wan di youth fi si him suh him always use subliminal terms of dissing kartel fi mek di youth think him a preach – dungs like yuh weh him ago get cah wi nuh him

      • Kartel is in prison, why would Busy Signal envy him? Busy is in protest of society’s mis-fits and he outline some of the deviant ways/lifestyles; per Bob Marley, “who the cap fit, let them wear it…” Kartel represents that which ails society and it is time the ones wake up, acknowledge and ultimately embrace such…

      • You on every post talkinsmack bout kartel, u some video girl reject? with your corny as– fake queen english- listen lil b-ch , if busy is so positive and mighty, f he callin his name for?
        I hope kartel answers his question ,while we at it.

      • Listen yute’, you are morally deficient and devoid of values, I don’t expect you to find any issues with a jail bird like Kartel who most represent, embrace and celebrate society’s problems. The man is a subvert who mostly permeate society with destructive references.

        Kartel represent a net negative and since you are seemingly okay with such, I am not surprised that you find issues with Busy Signal’s song. As I mentioned prior, please refrain from addressing me or seeking my attention; as I don’t have time to waste…

      • you just have time to talk smack on every post bout Kartel, obviously tryin to get attention from his fans.

        you beggin to get ya freak on, church girl, fix ya mouth and someone might care,in a meantime try not to be inside of his head so much- you might drown.

      • …not Queen just working for her

        ???????????? money you stuuuuu

      • Batty fish, as I mentioned to you prior, I am not a woman–you are truly an idiot… Please understand that gunshot speak louder than words… You are a paedophile like so many of those catholic priests–sure you speak with your hands Mr. Child Molester. Batty fish, don’t get it twisted, this is not NAMBLA, your kind is not safe around here…

      • Awww you forgot to shoot that gun ,missy????

      • I am beyond perplexed now; I told you that I am a man, not a woman and here you are calling me missy.

        I am not into that which you are into–you are a NAMBLA power player and I am don’t subscribe to that which you and your libertine friends subscribe to…

      • Oh come on girl,ur cryings louder than shootin toy w no silencer… I thought guns speak louder ?

      • This is sad…

      • Yes, u should def not have underage kid as avi,creepy

      • NAMBLA elite, you are right, don’t think about jerking off to that picture or else, destroy you…

      • What kind of sick b-ch are you,lmao you sound just like ur queen. Glad she let u outta cage and allowed u some SP ,even if ur decade late.

      • Wow, you really sorta drove a knife into your own argument with the whole “you are a peadophile…priest…Child Molester” retort. For just a moment I mistook you for the voice of reason. My bad, it won’t happen again.

      • How can me accept a murderer, satanist n bleacher as “world boss”? Srsly – That man a devil with no regrets and me hope prison teach him good ways…or he better rot in dat hole!

      • you dont have to. ask yourself why you tried.

      • Man – u is so angry, yuh eye dem are closed an caan see the truth. Be blessed! Keep on offending people if that is what u do well!

      • Go try gettin ur green card,lil scammer,n then get job

  28. Tuff chune!

  29. soon to be No Signal ????????

  30. The original karaoke singer