CBlock Muzic Ft. Bugle – Talk Enuh Lyrics

Dem chat mi when mi a ball head
Worst when mi rass
Dem nuh like mi because mi nuh tek gas
Dem seh all kinda things just because wi a win
Nuh know nothing but just love chat

Akam all dem cyaa do a talk hi nih, talk hi nuh
Mi nuh got no time fi waste
Jah a guide mi journey
Mi do weh concern mi
And step up the paste

Mi meck dem talk hi nuh
F**t hi nuh, f**t hi nuh
Mi nuh got no time fi chase
Mi a go fi wa mi want in a life
Mi nuh cater fi screw face

(Verse 1)
Dem seh mi never did a go buss
But now look at us
Everything weh wi have buy gas wi nuh trust
Now dem have wi as the best
Who dem did have as the worst
One that the builder refuse now a it become a buss
Cause when mi look in a some people face mi know seh dem nuh like this
But who cares
A nuh dem pay mi billd
A nuh dem mine mi kids
A nuh dem buy the clothe weh mi wear

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yow, mi waan buy the range and piss dem off
Touch some place in a foreign and shell it down
Meck the fans seh well done
Me seh your welcome
Promoter stud mi fist dem off
Yow, a my thing real, a mi craft this
But some bwoy a move like a craw fish
A mean cray fish
But jue wi nuh mix
Wi meck dem stay fish

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Man a star, but dem a star apple
Cyaa catch wi all when wi a chuckle
Mi in a my own lane
Dem nuh walk the road weh we walk
Mi feel my own pain yea
Meck dem seh mi passionate and stubborn
Dem cyaa tell me how my thing fi govern
Answer to Jah, mi nuh answer to no man
From now on

(Repeat Chorus 2X)