Lil Wayne – No Haters (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) Lyrics

We catch a baddy and we laugh about it
I f–k the friend I don’t felt bad about it
Skinny type is on a diet

I lost my mind, am like f–k everybody
Yea, I lost my mind but I got extra copy
I f–k so long it feel like exercising
I trust the lying people testifying
All I got is haters in my squad
I could get you kill all my ni**as want the job
I can get you kill and just take a night
I want you dead by tonight that the real dead line

Zero f–ks giving
I make her come through the candor but naked
Cause b—h ain’t no stilly
She still come visit
She don’t wanna leave
She complaining to me leaving no witness

I said I get it
I keep some cocaine on me for the b*tches
And they say K is not for decoration
F–k boys can be the heaper jeapers
I got a hit list like the yellow pages
If she can s–k a d–k it’s not a qualo
And baby you got my full attention
Champagne expensive b—h it’s not a vintage
Open your nose I put some jelly in it

I don’t f–k around wid no f–k arounds
I might f–k around and catch a body
I got some ni**as that will hunt you down
And catch you slipping like you playing hackee

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Skinny tires on a salad diet