Lil Wayne Ex Toya Wright And Husband Memphitz Split And Heading For Divorce

Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright and her producer husband Memphitz have split and are heading for a divorce.

TMZ has reported that Memphitz moved out of their home in Atlanta and moved to Los Angeles. He want no part to do with Toya’s reality show “Toya: A Family Affair” aired on BET.

Toya and Memphitz got married in 2011 and were living together in Atlanta. There were rumors that he got another woman pregnant but he reportedly had a vasectomy years ago.

It is still unclear why they split but he is asking her to file for divorce but neither of the two have pulled the trigger yet.

Toya Wright and Lil Wayne got married in February, 2004. They both have a daughter together Reginae. They divorced two years later.



  1. Whoever wrote the story needs to go back to school. He/she can’t even construct sentences or use punctuation properly.

  2. Good! That means I still have a shot. Toya is s3xy as h3ll!

  3. Trust no one

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