Serani – Say A Prayer Lyrics

Say a prayer
For our love one that fall victim to murder
For the poor weh cyaa tek it no further
Say a prayer for the ones in need
To the baby weh a bwal fi the feed now
Say a prayer fi the weak

(Verse 1)
Unfortunately mi haffi steal fi get mi next meal
Opportunity scares that meck me
Who I am desolate human bean
Imprison by mankind
Earth rule by sufferation
On earth stand pon yo feat dem kick yo go a dirth
Cold, cold concrete that my comfort
This life the worst

Yet dem a monkey, seems like dem hear and deaf
Board house people always get left
Floss fi get water cyaa get nuh like
When the rich done feast wi still cyaa get a bite

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pressure build up
This yah road rough ghetto youth buckle up
Keep going on, even though things muck up
Handcuff all leaders weh corrupt
Food haffi eat, more time it haffi trust
Everyday mi pray God gimmi a buss
Better days will come it’s a must
Naw give up, naw give up

(Repeat Chorus)