Busy Signal – My Gyal Dem Lyrics

Gyal skill wid the bounce, an the jaw dem a jump
Supn fat wid the clump, from the back to the front
An you hot fi 31 days a the month
Gyal jiggle it, jiggle it, perform a stunt
Left jaw, right jaw, caw deh wine deh no done
You a real stallion like a tracks you a run
From dem seh fi wine you bring the bubble gum
Gyal a earth quake drop, drop, pon the ground

Gyal dem skill when dem a bubble pon the thing
My gyal dem
Naw drop off a timing when dem a squeeze it nice an thing
My gyal dem
Bubble it, bubble it, an dem love katch to the beat
My gyal dem
Climb up pon the pole gyal balance, balance
An wine an sing den pause
Gyal catch it from top, to the very last top
My gyal dem
Never yet flop, never yet drop off a shape
Never cold, ever hot
My gyal dem
Anytime dem wine you can tell the time, to the tick, to the tock
My gyal dem
Yow the way dem skill, dem know how fi stand still pon di big power drill pause

(Verse 1)
Squeeze it, squeeze it, gyal you no sick
Gyal bom flick pon the mop stick
Somersault back flick, waist line elastic
Wine fantastic, bubble it, bubble it
Deh wine deh toxic
Mi alone open yo thing like a lastic
Gyal yo flexible, light like a plastic
Tip paw yo toe gyal, yo flip, katch, katch, balance, pause

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)