Spragga Benz – Bree Lyrics

Man seh bree
Babylon pon the block
Look out fi soldiers
Look out fi cop

Just seh bree, dem a move like swat
Call in the thing dem and mask every strap
Bree, informer give weh that
But a lucky thing man have a new lock in spot
Reach pon the base babylon a compass
Shout up the warrior dem, tell dem dweet fast

(Verse 1)
Caw bree, like somebody go chat
A straight to the spot the bwoy go exact
And move weh the table and lift up the mat
Count the three nail and press in the latch
How that? Da priest yah a the bwoy Whitey crap
Naw jump mi gun but a duse medorat
Bwoy dem mussi hear the new eckle a knock
Like two kettle a hot
WI seh when you pull the lock and seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cause fire lion a man a carry the torch
And wi step wid the iron a babylon wi a pass
Curfew a drop, shake down the spot
Wi know dem a come man, everything in a the trap
Caw things dear and wi naw tek no lost
Yo know how much one a dem thing yah cost
Babylon find it him a tek it a floss
Look out a yo eye when yo si dem you fi talk

(Repeat Chorus)