Munga – Badmind People Lyrics

Mi seh fi watch out fi badmind people
Dem nuh like you at all

Wi a strive in a life
But dem a wait fi wi fall
Dem nuh want you drive a nice vehicle

Dem a pray fi you stall
Dem badmind, dutty heart and evil
That’s all

(Verse 1)
A could a who dem a pree
True dem cyaa go round we
Dem a watch wi like a TV
A true jealousy dem a try fi drain mi energy
Some people salter than sea

A could a who dem a watch
People business dem a chat
But mi don’t even cater bout that
A rich mi a study, a the mansion pon the hill top
And you done know seh mi head hot
When you moving forward
Look out fi set back
Fake friend wi set you up
Buss out yo head back
Save every diamond, don’t waste time
Anytime yo waste yo naw go get back
Supn in a dem blood but a nuh sayline
Wi and some people is not the same kind
Wi nuh have the same mind
And if mi start call name
Mi list go be longer than a train line

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Badmind people yes dem love to pretend
Badmind people love to act as your friend
Badmind when dem si yo money a spend
Fi write this mi don’t need no pen
Dem waan si yo go down in a hole
And locked in the pen
SUh from C**kburn Pen to Grands Pen
Top pen,Macome Pens, to Toys Pen
Why some stay suh yo mi cyaa comprehend
Never waan si ghetto youth a set trend
Seh dem a yo friend and dem waan yo life end
Waan set you up, seh dem waan you get queng
To all clean hear a respect mi extend
No matter the cost fi you rise dem have dem

(Repeat Chorus 2X)