Munga – Zip Info Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Meanwhile wi a hustle everyday
And every night fi the riches
Look out fi dem hi nuh
Smile in stitches
And nuff a dem a seh dem a yo good friend
But dem nuh glad fi si when you a survive dem a wicked
Mi yo nuh fi stop hi nuh
Sky is the limit
Lui yo nuh fi stop hi nuh
Sky is the limit
Gwaan hustle every dollar, every dine, every digit
House haffi build pon the hill

Man a hustle every hour pon the hour
Like zip info
Wi stay clean, wi colon dem kicking suh
Badmind wouldn’t mine si wi mash up in a life
But wi nuh know a way dem wicked suh

True wi clean and fresh, and every woman agree
Every hour pon the hour yea
Wa dem a pree
Hill top, GMC, WO

(Verse 2)
My team haffi get rich in a one accord
Member wi use to roll out in a one accord
Some deh a foreign, and some deh a yard
Tell Johnny and Liquid spin deh one yah hard
Ice haffi get rich, Frenno wi nuh tek dis
Look to the future, stay pon yo guard
Skillo from basi a road man a stay
Cause wi nuh jail bird and prison a fi dawg
Mad Rhyme seh him waan buss
Him get rich and come tek care a the family fi grandma
J Town, Russian, Rock Ford, Turk Lan
Every hill top mi a represent fa
St. Mary seh don’t play wid the food
Islington, High Gate, Portmaria
Every street, every lane, every avenue
Every team, every crew, every warrior

(Repeat Chorus)