Kim Kardashian Caught Cropping North West Out Of Selfie

Kim Kardashian is getting some heat for cropping her daughter North West out of a selfie show posted on Instagram last night.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star post the photo on Instagram early this morning and immediately her fans noticed there was a small portion of North West face in it.

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She was called all kinds of names including a narcissist and a selfish mother who don’t want to share the spotlight with her daughter.

Kim K has 23.4 million fans on Instagram so someone always have something to say everything time she post a new pic.


  1. classless twit

  2. selfish narcissistic btch. only thing she is good for is getting pounded in her big fat booty

  3. You people got way too much time on your hands…

  4. It’s not surprising as the world only revolves around Kim.