Capleton – Where There’s Love Lyrics

Where there is love
Hate cant overcome

Where there is peace
War cant overcome

Where there is life
Death cant overcome

Where there is hope
Faith will overcome

(Verse 1)
Look wa the world gone to
Yes dem all a blow the wrong horn to
A bare evil dem a perform to
And if you ever tell dem fi form to
Well dem would a laugh you to scorn to
The least thing dem go, go inform to
Dem go a the obeah man gone balm to
But wait till the judgement tell her

Suh dem cyaa stop mi shine
Because mi star dem keep winking
Put a joy pon yo face dash weh the wrinkling
Keep the joy, hold the faith
That a the in thing
Unity suh that haffi in a the king thing
Chic-kun-gunya fi the athlete dem limping
Fi cut dem speed anytime dem sprinting
Ebola fi kill the people what a sinting
Dem waan control yo mind, know how you thinking

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi seh a the function a the heart
Well mi seh you haffi store love
Right yah now meck mi tell dem seh a sure love
A nuh 1, and a nuh 3 and a nuh 4 love
King Shango tell dem more and more love
Mi nuh care if a rich or a poor love
Meck sure seh yo safe and secure love
As long as a clean and a pure love
Nothing cyaa go before love

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. love dis song. ooohh capleton you rocked. the message in the chorus oooohh wishing everybody hears and remembers it. and does it. where there is love aaaaaaaaa