Mavado – Dem Nuh Bad Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Dem bad between words
Mi meck, mi meck fly like birds
Don’t ever think wild life curve
Run over dem, that a weh mi ready fa
Ready fa, ready fi whatever
Dem a sissy, dem a gyal like Jenifer
Wi hand leddy dem regular
Dem nuh bad, and if dem bad
Tell dem fi prove that
Hold yo head and mine yo lose that

Cause I like what’s mine
And I like making dem cry
Cause there anytime what’s mine
Any mister man, that’s fine
I just cant help my self
Cyaa help my self

(Verse 2)
Wi nuh just bad when a sting time
Tell the one bag a fool weh a sing crime
Bet yo, bet yo seh yo clean the after mat
The Gully Gaad unartodocs
When you si mi, you si fire you fi spread
Mi out a mi mind when mi step
21 plus 9 you wi get
Wi nuh kick down toddler mine wi fi get
Left bwoy one set a foot print in a the sand
Nuh true yo si man a sing gyal song
Nuh true yo si man a sing gyal song
Life a nuh movie, a nuh James Bond
When yo si the Gully Gaad yo si the name brand
Who bad every suh, you fi name one
And every gully weh yo go a the same don

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Wi nuh join the long arguments
Wi nuh hospital, wi nuh carry patients
Gully fight war wid bay strength
When mi land back a yard nuff a dem haffi go pay rent
And run home to dem parents
John Crow fly in a the sky meck the crow smell bay scent
Man a war from ancient
Never dash weh a, lock that in a the basement
To Gaad there’s no replacement
Mi nuh hug enemy, mi nuh waan nuh embracement
Mi just ready fi erase dem
Mi nuh cause the encavement

(Repeat Chorus)

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