Konshens Responds To Masicka And Demarco [VIDEO]

Konshens has stepped forward to respond to his recent fallout with Masicka and Corey Todd, as well as, a recent diss track from Demarco.

Masicka recently released a song where he outlined the reasons why he and Konshens fell out. According to the upcoming dancehall deejay, Konshens wanted him to be soft but he is a gangster artist.

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But in his defense Konshens say his career was not built on gangster music.

“You can’t say big up Konshens straight from my heart and then go on to say a bag of things just to build up the hype,” Konshens said.

The Subkonshus captain also said that he will not be responding to Masicka’s diss.

Watch the video below.