Gage – Two Idiot (Tommy Lee & Alkaline Diss) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
A one thing mi a tell dem
Don’t tell mi bout mi mother
How you fi dis badder, badder
Real veteran like Shabba
Outlaw like Cobra
90 man dem badder
And anybody feel seh dem badder don’t matter
Now watch yah, lyrics a meck bwoy stagger
Green like mi herbs and blend up wid mi grabber
Dawg mine yo slide, yo nuh si a bank robber?
Lock place like a padlock, cement pon da block yah

Badder, 9 box mi a gi to chatter
The nail reach the zink when time mi drop the hammer
Hill and Gully Ride like Bagger
Meck sprain like Ragga
Red up the square like a Spraga
Corner everything together
Change pull over like a weather
Mark x paw yo face like a treasure
Shoes dem meck chrome like a stretcher
Fi measure my boot yo waan 20 tape measure

Fisher man talk bout fish
Burning sun talk bout sun
And mi nuh waan yo call up mi name
And mi nuh care a could a joke you a run, run

Fisher man talk bout fish
Burning sun talk bout sun
Son, mi nuh waan yo call up mi name
Umbra a could a joke you a run

(Verse 2)
None a dem nuh bad like da crook yah
A me did a drive when the voice tell yo look yah
Mi hear the two a dem a lip up, two a dem a flip up
But when mi tek a stack dem nuh badder than Foota
Pon the corner like a hooker
Maxfield walk out wid a ugly wall cutter
All dem a talk bout bay badness
Bad, mi have to laugh, that deh melt like butter
Sharp like a knife and a run off da cut yah
Mongrel back up when yo si the alligator
A bag a talking nuh badder than mrs berita
Mi nuh si nobody, nobody, weh tougher than da teck yah
A call up World Boss name like that a meck it better
Tommy Lee you a sissy, a halla like a Jenifer
A better if yo war wid grace kennedis
Cause ketchup and me you don’t hot like the pepper

(Repeat Chorus)