Cecile – If You Lyrics

Baby if you love me you wouldn’t lie
If you love me wouldn’t make me cry
If you really love me you would try
Mi give you all that you ask
Still your not satisfied

If you love me you wouldn’t cheat
You would need no other girl but me
If you really love me you would be
The very same thing that you asking of me

(Verse 1)
You say you love me bwoy I know
But who else you loving
I could be wrong but I don’t think so
No, no, oh, oh, oh
I know you, you creeping
Late night phone calls when I’m sleeping
And you don’t answer you phone when you beside me
If you ain’t do nothing wrong why you hiding baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Check it, what if I was to do it too
So many chances to cheat on you
Is not because I cant do it baby
It’s because I care about you baby
Imagine me with another man
Doing all that things that I do for you
Would you understand
Would you still love me, or would you be sad?

(Repeat Chorus)

What goes around, comes around
You wanna have your break, I need it too
I love you but you better change
There will be a day when I wont be forgiving you

(Repeat Chorus)