Demarco – Cyaa Hype Pon We Lyrics

Yow nuh pu–y cyaa hype paw wi
Caw vanity nuh mean nothing
Meck mi tell yo this
And meck mi tell yo real supn
A nuff a dem no real dem a change like crabble
Like a belt him built in, pu–y get yo face open

Cyaa hype paw wi cause vanity nuh mean nothing
Meck mi tell yo this and meck mi tell yo real supn
Gangsta a nuh remote cause wi nuh press button
Hey meck mi tell unuh this

(Verse 1)
Gangsta tell dem fi hold out
Badman naw go si nuh gyal and shrub dem tongue out
C–key wi give gyal, dem could a tight, dem could a done out
Up in a yo belly shi a tell mi fi nuh come out
Marvally a run out
After wi nuh computer caw wi nuh tek program
S–k out yo mumma that a fi wi slogan
Nuff a dem beggy, beggy, head giddy how long
Mi no response fi nuh gyal after unuh bang

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem nuh waan si wi rise
Yeah dem rather si wi flop
Dem wouldn’t mine fi si wi get a spot a dove cot
But mi nuh listen dem, the whole a dem a just chat
A my father God mi seh mi put above that
Man a intelligent youth wi nuh donse bat
Strictly high grade caw wi nuh burn crap
Mi dignity and mi pride gimmi comfort
Mr G…mi tell yo seh da song yah done shot

(Repeat Chorus 2X)