Chi Ching Ching – Screaming My Name Lyrics

Girl being screaming my name
Everywhere that the Ching go’s
Is it all in the fame or is it all in the gingles

Through the sun and the rain
Blow in my window
There’s no time to hate
Hey a just suh the thing go

(Verse 1)
Everywhere mi go people waan si mi
Everywhere mi walk girls dem waan gimmi
Every party mi go in a mi nuh haffi slang, mi nuh haffi slang
But people waan mi tan yo si mi
People start ask a wa do mi
Meck when certain artist si mi dem start act bummy
True mi true to the game, mi create all mi fame
Mi stay in a mi lane and mi bad to the vane

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a come from nothing to something
Mi turn nothing in a something
Suh tan suh nothing
MI never have a chance fi mutton
Mi could a only can si mutton
Now every stage show mi go mi shell the supn
RE TV Hype TV a tell the supn
Am so hot is like a deadly supn
Me alone a nuh medley supn

(Repeat Chorus 2X)