Teflon – Say Dem A Bad Man Lyrics

No bwoy cyaa si badman yard and play youth
Bullet in a dem face mi no play youth
Tell dem seh the same fireman a blaze it

Seh dem a badman and dem never tek a brinks yet
Mackor Lane, Top RD. know how the thing set
Dwany Park no really care deh who a fling threat

Si dem a push up and a fight against weh the king seh
Seh dem a badman and dem friend dem quick fi draw pon
Seh dem a badman and dem fraid a the guards man
As dem si yo wid a thing dem seh dem waan one
Sit down a susu pon yo name dem just a card pack

(Verse 1)
Mi wi send unknown assailant
Man from round a pain land
Man weh no tek no diss, no night or day
Yeh ma wi same one
All dem a talk dem fear man
Tell dem the side weh fi stay pon
Tell dem mi no mix wid the devil
Mi no know no Satan
Tune weh mi sing and the fire weh mi blaze
Dem haffi rate man
Youths from Rocobest and exchange
And over Grate Pan
If yo future is fi rob and theft
Deh youth yah faith wrong
Youth become a traid man
And go meck yo days long

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The Government pay fi the law work
Youth it no good fi know yo nah work
Beg fi eat and drink that cyaa work
Waan rob off the people dem weh gone work
But member seh Jah work
Music is my work
Mi haffi feed mi pickney dem weh birth
Si the bank deh just gwaan search

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Seh dem have a clip load
And a kick road
Seems dem never listen zip code
Teflon a kick the beep out
Ghetto youths yo dream fi a kick cloud
Never give up even though yuh on a grit road
Money fi meck yo grip load
Copper shot wi meck yo skin cut
Yo no fi follow everything

(Repeat Chorus 2X)