Tifa – Matie Wine Lyrics

(Verse 1)
If mi could a take back the fu*k mi would a take it back
But yo man done love it already
So all the chat you a chat gyal chat to mi back
Because mi hold on pon him steady

Come him a come mi a go give him the supn
Cause him love how mi wine and a wiggle you wiggle
Talk you talk gyal a giggle mi giggle
Caw mi hold yo man

Wine matie wine, bruk out and matie wine
Gyal show mi the wine weh yo use and take weh the people dem man
Wine matie wine, bruk out and matie wine
Divorce a gwaan and a you a get the new wedding band

(Verse 2)
Well its a matie holiday
Wi take man fi the summer
Wifey a bawl out, no other bummea
Shi have a good man a no stardum and dummer
Well Christmas a come and him a buy mi the hummer
You si the mansion, him a go kick you out a it
Change all the bed and call the lastic
Tell you the world a deh deh a from idiot wid it
Well mi a Angelina and him a Brad Pit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Gyal you did a lead and wi know seh you did a live big
But yo get comfortable that no recommended
Yo man buck up pon a gyal so splendid
Mi hold yo man
Gyal get knock off a the top position
Now mi c**k up pon a new money man
Control the yard like a me a the dan
Gyal mi hold yo man, hold yo man

(Repeat Chorus 3X)