Gage – Judgement Day (Vampire) Lyrics

Mi wi murder dem guy yah
Vampire season a draw near
Weh mi do roast a vampire
None a dem maw run the street
None a dem cyaa tap the truck tire
Yo nuh play, yo nuh play, yo nuh play likkle fool
Mi gun a the umpire
Fi out, out, da guy yah

(Verse 1)
The way mi gun christmas a call in here
Not even the spy cyaa give mi nuh hail
Not even letter box mi nuh try keep in a mi yard
That mean don’t receive mail
Badness try, badness fail
Mi have the piece a meal wi don’t stale
And dem nuh tough like the iron weh use meck grill
Why some fool come a rail

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Road get black like a s–t
Act like a pu–y and yuh wi get f–k like a clit
Weh yo seh yo sink titanic
Well mi have a bloodclaat gun fi sink yo friendship
Hold on deh likkle bit
Dem seh unuh badness dem did born without lip
Mi a watch loony tones wid a big black matic
Put that together well yo get lunatic

(Repeat Chorus)