Nicki Minaj Kicked Boyfriend Safaree Out And Smash His Benz

Nicki Minaj is a real hot head and who would better know that than her boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

The couple has been rumored to be having problems over the past couple of months and recently we saw a photo of Safaree covering up his tattoos of Nicki Minaj.

TMZ is reporting that Nicki and Safaree had a big blow up over the summer and she got so heated that she grabbed a baseball bat and chased him out the house. But instead of hitting him she destroyed a 2012 Mercedes Benz in the parking lot.

Cops were called in but no arrest was made because she apparently owned the banged up Benz.

Sources close to the Trinidadian rapper told Urban Islandz that they regularly have arguments and break up and make up.

“Like a lot of couple they have arguments they fight and they make up because at the end of the day they love each other,” the source told us.

“Everybody around Nicki know that she is a hot head and you either deal with it or you just don’t be around her, Safaree knows how to deal with her and that’s just that,” the source said.

The source also told us that Nicki and Safaree are trying to work out their differences.

As for these new reports, Nicki Minaj just responded on Instagram with one quote, “Those who know me never doubt me. And Those who doubt me never knew me.”

Nicki Minaj will be hosting the MTV EMAs in Glasgow on November 9. She is also working on her new album The PinkPrint, due on December 15.