Rihanna 8th Album “Lost Files” Alleged Tracklisting Leaked

With very limited details available, Rihanna 8th album is already garnering a lot of hype from her fans on social media.

Last month Urban Islandz exclusively told you that Rihanna’s new album is coming possibly on November 25. The Bajan pop star is also planning to drop a new single ahead of the album release.

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Earlier this week a blurry photo surfaced showing an alleged Roc Nation internal memo of a Rihanna album release.

The image contain an alleged tracklisting which revealed collaborations from Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Big Sean.

So far there are no confirmation from Rihanna or her label about her pending release. All these new details are from anonymous sources.

Rihanna fans have grown accustom to getting a new album every year but they have been left hungry for new music since 2012.

Rihanna album leakCheck out Rihanna “Lost Files” tracklisting:

1. Bold
2. Trouble
3. Ain’t No Drama
4. Barz (featuring Nicki Minaj)
5. A Drug & A Dream
6. All Night
7. Lovin, Fallin, Dyin
8. Tattered Heart
9. Real Talk (featuring Drake)
10. Hall of Fames /Flames?
11. Pray 4 Me (featuring Big Sean)
12. Oceans
13. Veins
14. Lost Files (featuring Eminem)