Mavado – Clear D Way Lyrics

If a night and day man sleep in a trench
Naw stop
Send mi dawg dem go shoot up yo endz
Naw stop, naw stop

Then from dem try run up
Mi use the bomber clear the way

Mi nuh in a nuh long talking
Mi smoke yo like craven a

Stay deh think a cartoon thing bout superman save the day
And white flag and bwal fi peace treat
Till no where nuh safe fi play

(Verse 1)
When you no si no red light pon the car top
Don’t wait till the car stop
Cyaa touch the gaad meck a far chop
Fassy hole mi a warlock
F–kers you mean nothing to me
Yo bag a talk mean nothing to me
Mi a f–k yo gyal that’s something to si
One bag a enemies hunting fi mi

When yo si mi unuh cyaa sight
Pu–y better tek when when yo si the car light
Mi nuh find fear suh mi naw fight
Unuh teacher when yo si the bus unuh gaan bright
Yo nuh si a pu–y dem a gwaan like
Gully Side rise up the rifle dem all sight
Never lseep, man a prole all night
Dem a pray everything alright

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The first man run out mi a corn him
Mi si clear fi the barming
Mi open yo head like a brand new house
Suh bring yo friends fi the warning
When problem a come not a warning
Supn wet yo up like horning
Likkle fowl man wi plant some corn in a yo yard
And mi naw talk forming
Every bad bi— a me a dem darling
Mi play dem pon a far wing
Yo a me lock the streets, dem work wid mi orders
Could a yard or foreign
If the gaad touch down by a morning
Hotter than lava mi scaling
Some a dem a just crab in a barrel
So mi naw return dem miss call

(Repeat Chorus)