Patexx – Let’s Drink Lyrics

Yesterday is gone
The future is at hand
To every hard working people
Patexx a sing this one
Tell dem any day now
Today is a new day
Brand, brand, new day

(Verse 1)
Yo si today, mi nah meck nothing bomboclaat stress mi
And mi no care if mi gyal waan left mi
Tep in a the party si one weh look sexy
Shi send on the number fast wid king nefty
The kyle tick in a mi pocket well hefty
Top shelf wid white rum and pepsi
High grade charge in a mi head like a taxi
The stinking grabber in a it just a box mi

So mi no care bout yuh or wa yuh waan do
Mi life sweet mi a live mine, mi a live mine
True wi clean everyday and wi bills dem pay
Who no like it badmind
The pu–y dem badmind

Lets drink to the hard working people
Bun out the wanti cause a good over evil
Throw yo party offering, check in wid yo table
A the stubborn boss a talk
Full rev till after dark

(Verse 2)
Cuss a bad work if yuh feeling happy
Bomboclaat wi nah watch nobody
This a weh mi tell to each and every somebody
Give thanks to god weh put life in a yo body
A one opportunity youth just grab hi
Who teach mi that but Tickila mi daddy
Mi future bright like foreign yellow cabby
Live yo life no give a f bout nobody

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)