Who Got Drake So Angry That He Tossed Cash Outside Club To Go Fight

No it wasn’t Tyga. But Drake got so angry outside a nightclub in Washington D.C. on Saturday that he tossed thousands in cash as he angrily marched back into the club looking like he was a bout to fight someone.

TMZ was first to break the story along with a video showing the Toronto rapper pushing security out his way while dropping his cash.

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Drake did not turn around to pick up his money and it’s still unclear what went down inside the club.

Sources say someone inside the club punched a member of Drake’s crew in his face inside the club.

Drake was hosting his birthday bash at the club when the incident went down.

In the summer of 2012 Drake and Chris Brown famously brawled at WIP nightclub injuring several patrons. The club has been locked down ever since.