Di Genius – Done Warn You Lyrics

Dem no know seh wi hear back, wi hear back
Every time dem a make chat, make chat
Dem fi know wi no fear that, no fear that
The whole a dem a idiot yo hear that

Wi tell some bwoy
From you no real, wi no deal
When yo si wi just keep yo side an no hail wi
Caw wi no pretend, wi tell dem again
No beg friend that wi seh to the end dem

Member seh wi done war yo
Wi done warn yo
Wi no waan no hypocrite hail from yo

Wi done warn yo
Wi done warn yo
Keep yo hand to yo side

(Verse 1)
From dem wi no waan no big up or no bless
From now mi just a role wid real people nothing less
My crew wi no take program, no button press
Dem a fire shot, mi stand up inna mi open vest
Back stabber them a the wickedest thing
Dem waan fi kill wi off
Dem grudge wi fi wi blessings
Naw go meck wi stress, an meck wi fret an get slim
Chemist meck mi seh a next thing

Dem wicked hee
Dem wicked hee
Look weh dem do to Christ
Weh dem would a do to me
So mi haffi pree
Certain things mi haffi see
Try fi cut mi down but mi firm a than a ackee tree
So mi no trust a thing inna deh time yah
Dem a move like dem meck a china
Haffi wonder if some a dem a carry bad
Cause a couldn’t man dem yah mankind yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No fake hail
No thumbs up
No bum fist caw some bwoy wi don’t trust
Naw party wid dem wi no grounds up
Some bwoya frowns up, mi an mi crew rounds up
With we hypocrite get no luck
Dem a try block up wi medz fi wi slow up
Big man thing yeh as a grown up
dem fi lucky wi looking pon the thrown up above
Caw dem just a show wi fake love
Crab inna borell dem just a push an dem a shuv
Try fi run inna when dem si wi get a buss
But dem run up inna the door that is close
Yea chemist tell mi from day one
Seh nuff a dem bwoy deh a imitation
So how dem a hail when dem no rate man
Couldn’t my hail dem a wait pon

(Repeat Chorus)