Vybz Kartel Ft. Sharrie – Back Up Back Up Lyrics

(Verse 1)
The bwoy dem nuh have nuh manners
It a step dem like the corners
Hang dem up just like a phone call
And dissect dem like iguanas
The rifle shot weh tall like shark teeth
Bite dem like parana
Done to the rough call know yuh a goner
If yo skin tough like lada

Pu–y hole, just stand up if yo bad nuh
Say supn if yo bad nuh
Touch a bloodclaat button if yo bad nuh
Yo think a rag a wave

When da gun yah clap up, clap up
Police deh pon back up, back up, back up
Back up, back up, back up, back up, back up
The K knock up
Police deh pon back up, back up, back up
A weh the bloodclaat dem a go
Back up, back up, back up

(Verse 2)
Mi beat the rifle till it buck
And every bone in a him bruk
Marrow couldn’t fly a f–k
So it a hop weh like a dove
Mi push mi knife in a him belly like him need a tummy tuck
Pon the ground bwoy haffi thruck
And weh him land a deh him stuch

A bicycle mi ride Addi how yo reach back up
A walk mi wakl weh from the scene in a mi shirt mi gun wrap up
If the police dem a come everything a get top up
The fambilys, the friends, the whole scheme haffi pack up, pack up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Tell dem a nuh time fi f–k around
Think bout it like end of month
Mi ride up pon deh like a Grantheft Auto stunt
Mi bullet unlimited like the game name Duck Hunt
Suh nuh tek mi fi pu–y caw mi don’t name nuh cunt
Addi, dem know yo heart colder than 70 fridge
Plus Sharrie have the opener fi tub and guinness
Dem deh, deh, too far mi have the iron weh meck the bridge
Rusty bloodclaat iron weh meck the bridge

(Repeat Chorus)