Drake Allegedly Threatened Second Woman, Under Investigation

Drake is having one of the worst weeks of his career after not one but two females filed police complain against the rapper for alleged threats.

According to TMZ, internet model Shaye G says Drake sent her a series of threatening text messages after she posted some photos of expensive purses that he bought for her, on Instagram.

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The Arizona model says in one of the text messages Drake says he is going to make her “run up outta there” if he ever sees her.

She filed a police report and cops are investigating the alleged incident. Drake nor his people has not responded to the allegations.

Just days ago a Houston nightclub dancer filed a police report saying Drake and his entourage has been threatening her after she had a intimate encounter with the Toronto rapper.

She told the Madd Hatta Morning Show in Houston that she did not plan on going public with their encounter.

“I would never talk about nobody and I don’t have nothing bad to say about Drake,” she said. “I never called the police on Aubrey [Drake’s given name]. I actually called the police because my friend came home and she said that some guys said that they were looking for me. So, I documented that for my protection and for some odd reason people were calling me looney.”



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