Navino – Cyaa Lef Lyrics

Girl it come like mi cyaa left
No matter how wi fuss and fight
Brake up and make up by the end of the night

Cyaa left, come like a we fi deh fi life
You fi get the ring and be mi wife

Come like mi cyaa left no matter how wi fuss a fight
Make up and brake up by the end of the night
Cyaa left, it just come like mi cyaa left

(Verse 1)
No matter how wi cuss and seh wi done girl
By the day done a we that a laydown
Wi better have ten time fi the week
A days now wi no speak
But as mi si yo pretty face mi knees get week
You make my life complete
Yo love so sweet
I don’t see no one can take your place girl no

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Shi seh fi gwaan mi dutty ways and no chat to are again
Mi fi go hang out wid mi friend
Shi seh that a the problem
Shi tired a me and the bag a gyal dem
The relationship no perfect
You a the best girl mother earth meck
Even tho I done you wrong
Am begging you a chance girl

(Repeat Chorus 2X)