I-Octane – Baby Don’t Leave Lyrics

Yow mi love are hi no star
How man fool so star
A wa this mi go do
Kmt Jah know

Baby please don’t go
Caw yuh a mi honey long before mi have money
A long time yuh a run hi
Yes shi a mi honey long before mi have money
Shi make mi dark days dem sunny

Yow shi a leave an mi crying over she
Am crying over she
Weak in a mi legs
Baby don’t left
Wooy god am crying over she
AM crying over she
Baby don’t leave
Please don’t leave me

(Verse 1)
Baby mi know a me wrong
Mi know a me wrong
Mi know yuh have mi as yuh rock baby
Shoulders to lean on
Baby a yuh mi shouldn’t cheat pon
Still yuh no haffi leave man
Yeh but am so sorry lady
Mi wish yuh could a tan mi baby
Mi never met fi make yuh sad mi lady
Yuh a drive mi crazy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Oh baby now am all alone
Yes all alone
And no matter how mi call yo phone
Yo naw answer cause yo heart tough like stone
But a my fault
Me meck di devil conker my thoughts
Oh God but baby mi still miss yuh when di night dark

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro from di fight line)

(Repeat Chorus)