Jayds – Eye Shut Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Buss my gun meck bwoy eye shut
Head a open, blood a drip in the dut
Momaby she get a kick in the gut
Nazzle hot like steam weh in the cup
Yo meck tough chat seh yo strop wid the nine
Now yuh a start gap like yuh sick wid ecup
Yuh start give up when mi gun lift up
Mi a real bad man weh no pretend fi tough
Bomb through windshield meck car catch a fire
Skin start melt like yuh burning the tire
No give no mercy or fall fi the prayer
Yuh still a dead all if yuh call the mosiah
Black body bag weh the feds a pick up
Hot tile concrete mix wid yo blood
Mi like end war a the victory mi love
Gunshot deliver like mail envelope

No target mi, yo cyaa war wid mi
A bay badman alone spar wid mi
So if yuh dis yo life don’t belong to yuh
Cause shot nougher than when yuh win a lotto
Him a run fast till him ankle broke
Wid hole in a head like how the bangle look
Watch how yo talk, dawgs them ready fi bark
If yuh dis mi 8:29 by 8:30 yuh will be gone
Teeth bruk like a mirror
When mi gun but yuh in a yo mouth
Yuh did a act tough
But now yo admit seh yo soft like a feather pillow

(Verse 2)
Talk supn weh mi no like
Cut out yo isafagus
Yo cyaa step paw mi clarks bwoy and look paw mi and tell mi hush
The war already begone
Shot beat like the congo drum
Cause mi no short a glock, if them attack mi wi rise up every gun

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)